Share lists online to get things done.

It's a minimal open source web application for prioritising lists of items that you can tick off, like to-do lists, dev tasks, & shopping lists.

Hello! I built this todo list web app so that my wife and I could share our shopping list. We wanted a simple open-source web app that we could host ourselves. I couldn't find anything like that out there so I made this one. Enjoy!


Collaborative lists
Create an unlimited number of lists. Lists are shared using a secret URL so it's easy to collaborate with a family member or work mate.
Real-time sync
You see items get updated on all devices as they are checked-off in real-time.
Mobile optimised web app
Instead of installing a native app from an app store, todoMini is available as a "progressive web app" which you install by adding it to your homescreen from your web browser.
Account management
No signup required and no logins. You get a secret URL where you can add the app to your devices and recharge your account. No lock-in or privacy invasion. Easy come, easy go.


$50 per year
For a simple flat fee I'll host a private instance of the app for you. You get a unique URL that you can use to put the app on all of your devices.
Your account is pre-paid so you only pay for what you're actually going to use. There's no subscription, contract, or lock in, so you can stop and start your account any time you like.
We don't collect any information about you. The only thing I need is your email address, which I won't use except to contact you about your account.
Open source forever
todoMini is web-first and open source. That means you don't need to install anything from an app store, and you never have to lose access to the software. You can switch to self-hosting any time.